Thinking About Try Playing PG? 5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop!

The NBA is currently in the midst of a golden age of point guards. Players like Chris Paul, Derek Rose, Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams, Steve Nash, Tai Lawson and others play basketball at an ridiculously high level and have two important things in common: They are all lining up as point guards and will thrive throughout the 2012-13 season.

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So how do they achieve this high level of success?

There are a certain number of rules that a rule must follow to thrive in the game of the day. While the methods for following these rules may vary, each player must understand all five to be in the elite.

There are definitely other rules, so don’t be shy.

Crime can be created in multiple ways

Not all fans are aware of this, but protection points can create attacking flux in a number of ways. As long as scoreboard operators are forced to increase the total score at a fairly rapid rate, it doesn’t matter how the scoreboarder creates it.

There’s a reason three all-star measurement rules are featured prominently in the main image on this slide. All three understand this principle, but they do their jobs in very different ways.

Russell Westbrook does not play like a traditional point guard, or as a “pure” point guard, as this type of player is known. While Guard 1 historically caused the attack by scrolling, Westbrook did so by scoring.

He has been criticized for his tendency to call his own number and take a quick shot early in the shot clock, but his dynamic offensive gameplay helps build the attack. It’s hard to imagine the Oklahoma City Thunder reaching the NBA Finals without him.

Threatening from a Westbrook shot performs the same function as a pass from the other bases. Defenders are forced to respect their ability to place the ball into the bucket, which reduces the amount of attention that can be paid to players such as Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Rajon Rondo takes the exact opposite approach.

Due to his recording limitations and his impressive vision of the field, Rondo creates an attack with his passing skills and ability to press stone into the small passing lanes that only he can find. Increase your teammates’ points by simply placing them in the best possible scoring position.

Westbrook and Rondo may be polar opposites in terms of style, but both are incredibly effective at building an attack.

As for the third point in the image, well, we’ll talk about it later.

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