A group of Japanese anime producers and rights holders have teamed up to develop a new English-language broadcast website. The new site will feature major titles like Mobile Suit Gundam, Modoka Magica, One Piece, Lupine the Third, and Prince of Tennis.


We had the opportunity to interview Iri Maruyama of Daisuki International Business Development for details on this new animation distribution channel in the United States.

What are the animation production companies behind Daisuki? What percentage of anime was produced in Japan from these companies participating in the creation of the Daisuki website? contributors are content owners and animation producers. There was no such thing. The companies are Aniplex, SUNRISE, Toei Animation, TMS Entertainment, and Nihon Ad Systems (NAS). They have already produced several anime titles and will feature a selection of them. But we also plan to feature titles from other studios and companies in the future to offer an even greater variety.

What is the general purpose of the Daisuki website?

The general purpose is to provide anime fans around the world with legal anime content.

Will the site only stream or will there be a download component to own?

For now, we are only planning to broadcast.

What is a Daisuki website revenue generation model? Will it contain ads or will there be some kind of subscription fee like music portals (Pandora, Spotify, etc.)?

There will be no subscription fees. The streaming service on will be free of charge (except for some premium content); It will be supported by ads.

Some of the titles mentioned in Daisuki’s initial press release, such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica and One Piece, are already airing here on other sites. Will these sites be able to continue streaming this series once Daisuki launches?

Yes, other sites can continue their streaming services. Submission will not be limited to exclusively on Also, is not intended to win over users who only come to Our main goal is to provide anime fans with legal content, as long as they view anime on other legal sites, we are totally happy with that.

Will the main focus of Daisuki be on airing new series of participating anime powers, or will it be on a streaming series that has already been broadcast on Japanese TV?

We plan to stream both newer series as well as old, classic and nostalgic titles. We want to offer a large variety.

A similar consortium of major manga publishers has created the “J-Manga” site to combat online piracy and create a legitimate online manga hub. Given J-Manga’s perceived failure to achieve its goals, how do you plan to avoid a similar fate for Daisuki?

Nobody knows what the future holds. But we’re optimistic (and hopefully!) That if users have a choice between illegal or legal content and the terms are the same, they will choose the legal content. To achieve this, we must make our service attractive. For example, will offer the broadcast for free and we are also planning for HD quality.

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