About Draft Duel

The Draft Duel Podcast is a show created and hosted by Alex Khanukov and Aaron Holmes. First and foremost we’re avid football fans. We love the game and that’s why we’re here. Aaron’s been playing fantasy football for over a decade and dedicated his last year to DFS football and understanding how to play, and more importantly, how to make money playing it.

We’re going to bring you this podcast on Thursdays and Saturdays this season to get you ready to crush the competition on FanDuel and DraftKings. We’ll use the first couple of podcasts to talk about interesting players from each position, discuss the preseason happenings, talk some basic NFL DFS strategy and tackle listener questions. During regular season, we’re going take all of the industry chatter, the statistics, the tendencies, the rumors and innuendos and boil them down into easily digestible chunks we like to call The Fantasy Bottom Line.

On Thursdays this season, we’ll be recapping our picks for the week prior, talking about the injury report and other news and previewing the Thursday night game. Saturdays will be dedicated to getting you ready for the Sunday and Monday night games.

We’ll be telling you who to use and who to stay away from when you’re challenging the interwebs in DFS with your hard earned cash. We’ll be going by position talking about overvalued and undervalued players throwing in some deep sleepers and long shots along the way. DFS football is all about matchups and opportunities, so this podcast is going to be your opportunity to gain an edge in your weekly matchups.

We hope you find value in and enjoy Draft Duel! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.