The woman who accused Ezekiel Elliott of domestic violence admitted to NFL investigators that she discussed blackmailing Elliott with sex tapes during a text exchange, according to documents obtained by Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson.

The league suspended the running back for six games Friday, declaring its investigation found “substantial and persuasive evidence” that he was physically violent with ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson in July 2016. Elliott officially appealed the decision Tuesday.

According to the NFL’s 160-page report, Thompson mentioned the idea of selling sex tapes showing her and the Dallas Cowboys running back to a friend in September 2016. The friend responded: “we could black mail him w(ith) that.” Thompson replied, “I want to bro.”

Thompson also admitted registering an email address titled “ezekielelliott sex vids.” Here’s the investigator’s description of the text exchange and Thompson’s responses to questioning:

The League’s forensic experts also recovered evidence from Ms. Thompson’s phone that she had registered an email address titled, “ezekielelliott sex vids” during the month of August, 2016. In addition, a text message with her friend (name withheld by Yahoo) was recovered that showed them talking about their need to make more money and Ms. Thompson raised the idea of selling the sex tapes she had of herself and Mr. Elliott. Her friend (name withheld) said they should blackmail Mr. Elliott with them, they’d be “millionaires.” Ms. Thompson replied that she’d like to but was scared. When Ms. Thompson was asked about this by the League’s investigators, she stated that she did have sex tapes of her and Mr. Elliott on her phone and she did open the email account but she denied doing so to blackmail Mr. Elliott.

Elliott’s representatives and the NFL Players’ Association “have seized upon the exchange to question aspects of motive and credibility” in their appeal of the ban, Robinson reports, citing a source close to the 22-year-old.

Elliott was accused of multiple instances of domestic violence in July 2016. Four advisers determined his guilt based on photographic evidence, as well as Thompson’s testimony. They also consulted medical experts, digital evidence, records of electronic communications, and other witnesses. However, Thompson is the NFL’s only firsthand witness to the physical violence that she alleges occurred.

The running back wasn’t arrested or charged in connection with domestic violence.

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