This is starting to get pretty ridiculous.

While the New York Jets have little chance of being a competitive team this season, it’s beginning to look like they will struggle to line up for every play of a 60-minute game, let alone for a full 16-game season.

With reports quarterback Christian Hackenberg can’t break a huddle properly and Quincy Enunwa, the only Jets receiver with at least 60 career catches, being down for the season, the team can’t afford to take anymore steps backwards.

It’s a long season, especially if you’re losing every week, and it’s time the Jets start making moves before it gets even longer. While they can’t necessarily save their season, here are a few suggestions for the Jets to become somewhat respectable.

Trade with the Eagles for a receiver

The Jets’ receiver corps was already the thinnest in the league before losing Enunwa, and now that he’s out, scooping up a veteran free agent like Stevie Johnson or Vincent Jackson may not be a big help.

However, the Philadelphia Eagles seem to have a surplus of young pass-catchers. Nelson Agholor and Jordan Matthews have reportedly been jostling for the starting receiver role in Philadelphia, and only one of them will get the job. Both players are still young in their careers and have showed signs of being quality receivers, though they have had their downfalls.

Either would immediately become a starter for the Jets if traded for, and going by the NFL’s typical trade values, the price tag would be much lower than their original draft positions. Keep an eye on that competition and let the Eagles know a trade partner will be available once they make a decision.

Try out more veterans flyers

When anyone notable gets cut from another squad, bring him in for a look. Regardless of position, age, injury history, recent production, or potential salary, give anyone who might improve the team a tryout.

Even if it is just to kick the tires, it can’t hurt to look for help. Don’t get in the habit of signing everybody, but don’t get lazy about looking under every rock for pieces that will help the roster and help keep the team together when things get rough late in the season.

There are also enough possibly good free agents out there worth trying out before roster cuts. Gary Barnidge, Zach Orr, DeAndre Levy, Ladarius Green, Jairus Byrd, Sen’Derrick Marks, and Sam Shields are some of the available veterans who should be welcomed additions in New York.

Cut the crap

The Jets need to stop pretending like they’re going to be favored in any game this season, or that they might make the playoffs, or be a Super Bowl contender anytime soon. It’s not happening. They know it. The players know it. The fans know it. Stop treating everyone like they’re idiots and attack the problem openly.

New York can start by trimming the fat off the roster. If a player definitely isn’t going to make the squad, take the kiddie gloves off and cut him right now.

Pretty much every player on the roster needs as many reps as they can get in training if they are going to help this squad, and saturating reps between isn’t helping. Trimming down on the positions with a surplus of players and adjusting the training camp schedule for the team at hand is a necessary move.

Position # of players on roster # of player needed*
Cornerback 9 5
Safety 6 4
Defensive line 12 7
Linebacker 13 7
Offensive line 15 9
Receiver 13 7
Running back 8 4
Quarterback 3 3


They don’t have to make all the moves at once, but need to be honest about the roster at hand and make the appropriate adjustments. If the Jets go through training camp in the same fashion as the other 31 teams in the league, they’re going to be as far behind everyone else as they all expect.

With what many believe is the worst roster the NFL has seen in a decade, the Jets cannot approach the season like any other team. It’s time to get creative. A season full of turmoil can age a team and its fans greatly – just ask the 2016 Cleveland Browns.

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