Even at practice, Josh Norman isn’t allowed to perform his signature bow-and-arrow celebration.

Officials have told the Washington Redskins cornerback that – whether it be in a game, on the sidelines, or at practice – he will be fined for any use of imaginary weaponry, and that doesn’t sit well with Norman at all – for a few reasons.

First of all, Norman believes he is being targeted for this penalty as he was the first to receive a fine for the action despite Brandin Cooks performing the act without discipline since 2015.

“You’re just picking on one person here,” Norman said Sunday, according to ESPN’s John Keim. “Cooks has been doing it for years, and now all of a sudden you want to quit and stop it? Why is that?”

Second, Norman points to the other team-organized, non-imaginary celebrations that simulate use of weapons without a fine.

“You can shoot a cannon in a stadium, or you can shoot a musket in a stadium a well,” Norman said, referring to the Buccaneers’ and Patriots’ celebrations. “If one of them is bad and looked at as dangerous, how come not all of them are looked at in that way? … When someone shoots an imaginary bow and arrow up in the sky, that’s a penalty?”

Third, Norman says he isn’t even pretending to harm someone with his celebration, and even he was, who has a bow and arrow just lying around to go shoot down their enemies?

“It’s not like you’re shooting at somebody,” said Norman. “You’re shooting up. It gets the crowd excited, something to where everyone’s getting pumped up, so why take that away? What for?

“You don’t come back to the locker room and come get a bow-and-arrow and shoot somebody. Like, come on, man, let’s have fun. Let us do something to where we feel excited. We’re not out here shooting someone with a gun. I can understand that. It’s shooting a bow and arrow.”

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