Just when you thought Jay Cutler was out of the NFL, it pulled him back in.

Now, how do you feel about that?

With the help of Cutler’s many facial expressions, we explore five very understandable emotions you may be experiencing after hearing news that he will be the Miami Dolphins‘ new quarterback.


(This is as happy as he gets)

Good for Cutler.

Whether you believe he deserved a second chance or not, an optimistic person can appreciate that one of the best arms the NFL has ever seen is back in the NFL.

Cutler’s resume of accomplishments never accurately reflected his arm talent and, at the time of his initial retirement, his career felt unfinished. Now, Cutler gets a chance with his old coach to save the Dolphins’ season and redeem his legacy.


If you consult with Twitter (it’s probably best not to), the only quarterback any team should sign this offseason is Colin Kaepernick – and yet still, he is jobless.

While Kaepernick isn’t in consideration for every “camp arm” quarterback job that gets filled, a major injury to a starter was supposed to be the door that would let the mobile passer back in the league. Kaepernick fans have a right to be angered by the Dolphins’ decision, though the quarterback’s sympathy for Fidel Castro likely wouldn’t have sat well in the South Beach community.

Miami reportedly considered Kaepernick, but preferred drawing Cutler out of retirement than bringing the socially active persona onto their squad.


What was he going to say on those broadcasts? He’s built a reputation as a guy who doesn’t care what others think of him. He could have said anything. He might have just started trash-talking guys he doesn’t like.

While you may not like him as a quarterback, Cutler’s role as a broadcaster was going to be very intriguing and likely quite different from Phil Simms’ version of just pointing out the obvious.

If you happen to be a person who does not care at all about football broadcasts, you may still be curious just to see Cutler in a different uniform and in a warm climate.


At the end of the day, Cutler’s dream job is playing quarterback in the NFL.

While many of us strive and struggle for years to maybe, someday get our dream job, Cutler just had a team work hard to convince him to take $10 million to do his.

If you spent your week grinding through each day in hopes of achieving a better life for you and your kin, and then you read on a Sunday afternoon that interception-prone Cutler just had a seven-month vacation before strolling back to a job thousands of young athletes would kill to have, it’s very understandable that you’d feel discouraged.


So that guy who is known for not giving a damn, throwing bonehead interceptions, shooting the camera funny looks, chucking the ball as hard as possible, and his own meme where he smokes a cigarette on the sidelines is back in the league?

Awesome. That’s going to be hilarious.

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