Terrell Davis’ career is one of the best underdog stories you will ever hear from an NFL player.

From dealing with migraines and temporary blindness as a child to having his college team fold overnight to being a sixth-round pick to a Super Bowl MVP and to becoming a Hall of Famer, it’s been a storied run.

However, the story of Davis’ first play is his best. As he was inducted as part of the 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame class, Davis recalled the story – on the 22nd anniversary of his first game.

Davis had been frustrated by his first NFL training camp and the lack of reps he was receiving as a running back with the Denver Broncos. His first preseason game was played in Tokyo, and on the night before the game he decided he was going to quit and go home. However, due to the language barrier, he could not arrange a flight.

He sucked it up and suited up for the game. After not playing through the first half, the team had begun allowing players to eat on the sidelines and Davis assumed by that point that he wasn’t going to be playing so he scarfed down a hot dog. Unfortunately for Davis, he was not done playing.

Davis was called on the field for a kick off on special teams, and despite the hot dog in his stomach, crushed the returner with a monster tackle. That hit caught the coaches’ attention enough to earn more reps at running back, and the rest is history.

Here is Davis’ account of that memorable night 22 years ago.

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