Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are both two of the best players at their respective positions, but their abilities to stay healthy are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

After his fifth straight season marred by injury, Gronkowski is making a commitment to be more like his seemingly ageless quarterback. The star tight end is pledging to work with Brady’s TB12 Sports Therapy Center to help preserve his career and body.

“Just looking at Tom, seeing what he does every day, what he eats, talking to him, personally one-on-one, just learning about the body with him, just seeing how flexible he is, how pliable he is, how loose he is all the time, every day and ready to go, I just felt like it was the time in my career where I needed to devote myself at all levels,” Gronkowski told the Boston Herald’s Kevin Guregian on Friday before a session at the facility.

Gronkowski started just six games in 2016 due to injuries to his hamstring, chest, and back, but already feels the positive effects of Brady’s training.

“I just felt like I had to add on to what I was doing. Find a way that my body will respond so I can perform every day. Be in prevention mode for injuries happening,” said Gronkowski. “I definitely feel like a brand new guy just being able to do exercises here (at TB12). Exercises that help stabilize your core, exercises that help me and my whole body.”

Gronkowski famously has an aptitude for partying and a tendency to enjoy an alcoholic beverage from time to time, which is against Brady’s general rules of health, but the tight end is ready to follow the quarterback’s lead in the kitchen as well.

“Tom’s my chef. I told him I’m only eating them if you have them ready for me,” Gronkowski said. “And he said, ‘Deal.'”

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