Winning his fifth Super Bowl hasn’t done anything to soften Bill Belichick’s approach to answering the media’s questions.

After being asked to evaluate the performances of multiple players from the first day of training camp within the first 10 minutes of his press conference, the New England Patriots head coach went on a signature – but rare – rant about why the reporters were asking for the impossible.

“You know, you guys are asking a lot of questions about, ‘What have we seen from this guy, what have we seen from that guy?’ We’ve yet to put on pads. Alright?” Belichick said, according to ESPN’s Mike Reiss. “So I understand this is a pretty talented group of evaluators in this room, but in all honesty, our evaluations come more in training camp when we actually practice and can fully execute the techniques and the plays that we’re trying to do.

“So, the main thing we try to get done in the spring, and the main thing we’re trying to get done in these (first two) days, is to teach the players what to do, to give them the most fundamental instruction we can, given the restraints we have based on practice. And then when padded practices, and I would say ‘real training camp,’ starts tomorrow and will continue for quite a while after that – including preseason games – is when the real evaluations start.

“So I know everybody is all excited when a guy catches a pass. But when the defense doesn’t jam him, or they’re not allowed to, really – because we don’t want heavy contact out there – aren’t competing for the contact at the end of the play, then it’s not quite the same when all of that is going on.”

Maybe Belichick’s seemingly inevitable sixth ring will bring him newfound patience. Or maybe not.

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