Hundreds of players change teams every NFL offseason – mostly without a second look back from either the player or NFL fans. But for a select few who have almost become synonymous with their previous teams, the football world needs some time to get used to seeing them in their new colors.

We rank how weird it will be to see seven big-name players on new teams in 2017:

7. Marshawn Lynch

Former team: Seattle Seahawks
New team: Oakland Raiders

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Sometimes, a player and a team suit each other so well that you almost instantly forget what life was like before they came together. Yes, Lynch’s time in Seattle was memorable, but it’s been more than a year-and-a-half since we last saw him in Seahawks colors, and even longer since he truly looked like Beast Mode.

Lynch joining his hometown Raiders as they enter their last two or three years in Oakland is as good a storyline as the NFL can produce. While it might take a game or two to really get used to Lynch on the Raiders, the veteran runner looks like he was born to wear the silver and black.

6. Alshon Jeffery

Former team: Chicago Bears
New team: Philadelphia Eagles

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Jeffery was always close to being a star in Chicago, but injuries and inconsistency robbed him of the chance to truly make his mark there, so the NFL world will likely quickly get used to the receiver in green – especially if he finally breaks out in 2017.

It also helps that the Eagles have never been able to keep good receivers long enough for them to form a significant connection to the franchise. There’s a gap to be filled. Need proof? Forgettable tight end Brent Celek is somehow the Eagles’ fourth all-time leading receiver in catches.

5. Stephon Gilmore

Former team: Buffalo Bills
New team: New England Patriots

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Gilmore has been an upper-echelon cornerback for some time, but since the Bills haven’t won a playoff game since he was 5 years old, the national attention on him has been minimal.

It will be strange to see Gilmore play for the dark side after switching to Buffalo’s hated rivals, the Patriots. On the other hand, he’s all but certain to have a career year because of Bill Belichick (and because a higher power apparently likes to watch Bills fans suffer). Gilmore will likely be the Patriots’ star defender for the foreseeable future, and his painful days in Buffalo will soon become a distant memory.

4. Andrew Whitworth

Former team: Cincinnati Bengals
New team: Los Angeles Rams

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The gentle giant of Cincinnati made the swap to sunny Los Angeles this offseason, and while offensive linemen usually struggle to stand out from their unit, Whitworth gave the Bengals 11 elite seasons and was a fan favorite. It’s going to be odd to see him in different colors, especially as it was assumed he was a near-lock to re-sign.

Trading in the bright orange-and-black stripes of the Bengals for the Rams’ blue and white (with a dash of gold) is also a stark change that will throw people off for some time … as will the sight of the usually calm and collected Whitworth finally losing his cool after watching Jared Goff run into his umpteenth sack of the season.

3. Calais Campbell

Former team: Arizona Cardinals
New team: Jacksonville Jaguars

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One of the most underrated defenders of his generation, Campbell left the aging Cardinals in favor of the perennially up-and-coming Jaguars, who presumably hope the defensive tackle can provide the leadership and consistency the defense has lacked in recent years.

Standing at 6-foot-8 and 300 pounds, Campbell could never be missed on the field, especially in the bold red of the Cardinals. The 30-year-old has already tasted a Super Bowl defeat and deserves to cap off his career with a ring.

If he’d joined an elite team like the Patriots or Steelers this offseason, it would be easier to get used to the change. But he chose the Jags, so not only will Campbell wear arguably the worst-looking uniform in the NFL, we’ll have to watch him toil away in futility.

2. Adrian Peterson

Former team: Minnesota Vikings
New team: New Orleans Saints

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For a decade, the first thing that came to mind when the Minnesota Vikings were mentioned was Peterson. And the second. And the third.

The running back was one of the faces of the league for most of his time in Minnesota, and an entire generation of fans doesn’t know what the NFL looks like without a purple-clad Peterson making defenses cry.

However, Peterson didn’t leave at the height of his powers; his exit to the Saints was no surprise following an injury-ravaged 2016 campaign; and, unlike our top-ranked player on this list, he didn’t add an extra layer of weirdness by joining a division rival.

1. Jamaal Charles

Former team: Kansas City Chiefs
New team: Denver Broncos

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See? That just looks wrong. Charles was one of the most popular Chiefs during his nine-year stay thanks to his electric playing style and affable personality. Him donning the orange and blue of one of Kansas City’s biggest rivals, the Broncos, even though he’s far from the player he once was, is going to be bizarre for a long time.

And, of course, Charles, like Gilmore, will have the weirdness of his new look highlighted by two games against his old team each year. If Charles breaks one of his signature long touchdown runs against Kansas City, the hearts of the Chiefs faithful may never fully heal.

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