It turns out the parole board member who strangely wore a Kansas City Chiefs tie to O.J. Simpson’s hearing Thursday didn’t just have nothing else to wear, but planned the whole thing.

Adam Endel contacted the hosts of “Fescoe in the Morning” on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City earlier in the week to brag about his upcoming hearing, telling the hosts he’d be residing on the board of Simpson’s hearing, and adding that he’s a big fan of the Chiefs.

He also scheduled a radio interview for himself Friday, and bragged about what he was planning to wear to the local hosts.

“It’ll be after the parole hearing, so there’s no conflict of interest or anything. Because the first thing I thought of was like, ‘Can he come on? He’s gonna be on the parole board,'” said host Mike Welch on Monday, according to For The Win’s Andrew Joseph. “But, he can come on Friday after the hearing and after they make the decision from the parole board, he can come on and discuss that.

“He’s going to wear his Chiefs tie while he’s on that board. So, on Friday, we will have somebody on the O.J. Simpson parole hearing board right here on the show.”

Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, Chiefs Tie Guy.

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