Technology is neat.

The Baltimore Ravens have found a new way to make practices safer and more like real games by signing a one-year contract with Mixed River, a tech company that creates “mixed reality” technology, according to Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun.

The Ravens’ new partnership will see the team practice with holographic players like a real-life Madden game, notes Barker. Players will be able to view life-sized holographic opponents and watch plays run out of their own playbook.

“Right now, what you are seeing is a holographic football team coming at you and getting into their formation,” said CEO of Mixed River Jim Pietila while demonstrating the technology. “You can see (Ben) Roethlisberger and everybody over here to the left. Antonio Brown is right here.

“The next thing is to have Antonio Brown coming at us at game speed.”

The NFL’s VP of football strategy and business development Damani Leech sees Mixed River’s technology as a great way for players to prepare themselves for gameplay without putting their bodies at risk.

“One of the attractions to the technology is the ability to get those mental reps that don’t involve contact,” said Leech. “I think you see it with other technology – with the robotic tackling dummies to allow you to improve your tackling form without hitting another person.”

Players will be able to view the “mixed reality” football with 360 degree headsets. Here is a short video providing a look at how players can increase their mental preparedness:

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