Having assembled what’s easily one of the worst rosters in recent memory, the New York Jets head into the fall battling the idea that they’re content to tank the season.

Whether the concept of tanking is even feasible in the NFL can be left up for debate. A never-ending fight for jobs and future prospects, not to mention an element of pride, will always have players and coaches doing everything they can to come away with a win on Sunday.

Despite the best efforts of at least one level of the organization, there’s a reason the football community’s expectations for this team are virtually non-existent.

Tanking or not, the Jets are in rough, rough shape.

How bad could it be? Let’s find out with a game-by-game look at the schedule.

Week 1 – @ Bills

Another team with its fair share of problems, the Bills are actually one of the easier opponents on a difficult Jets schedule. But that’s not to say this matchup is even remotely close on paper.

Prediction: Loss

Week 2 – @ Raiders

If last season can be taken as any indication of what we can expect from the Raiders in 2017, a trip to the West Coast will likely yield the first of many blowout defeats for New York.

Prediction: Loss

Week 3 – vs. Dolphins

More of the same in the first home contest of the year. A balanced Dolphins offense that led the way to a playoff appearance should be even better in the second season under Adam Gase.

Prediction: Loss

Week 4 – vs. Jaguars

Knock the Jags all you want – that defense is loaded with talent. Blake Bortles may keep this one close, but an incredibly thin Jets offense will be in for a long, long day, even at home.

Prediction: Loss

Week 5 – @ Browns

A matchup with the Browns has provided something of a break in the schedule in years past. For many opponents, perhaps that continues this season. Cleveland is finally moving in the right direction. New York is, well, not.

Prediction: Loss

Week 6 – vs. Patriots


Prediction: Loss

Week 7 – @ Dolphins

A second straight season sweep for the Dolphins.

Prediction: Loss

Week 8 – vs. Falcons

This one is over in the first half.

Prediction: Loss

Week 9 – vs. Bills

Getting a familiar and flawed division opponent at home represents one of New York’s best chances for an upset. But can we really expect the Jets to be the better prepared team on a short week? Thursday night football stays terrible.

Prediction: Loss

Week 10 – @ Buccaneers

The hype around this Buccaneers team is well warranted. Josh McCown and Co. aren’t keeping pace with what could be one of the league’s most explosive offenses.

Prediction: Loss

Week 11 – Bye

At least there can’t be another loss this week.

Week 12 – vs. Panthers

Carolina is an incredibly obvious bounce-back candidate after a disappointing 2016 season. Its talent on both sides of the ball will wipe out any advantage the Jets had with an off week to prepare.

Prediction: Loss

Week 13 – vs. Chiefs


Prediction: Loss

Week 14 – @ Broncos

Even one play could be the difference in a game that figures to be low scoring. Going up against whoever the Jets trot out at quarterback, let’s assume Von Miller and Co. can get it done.

Prediction: Loss

Week 15 – @ Saints

A Drew Brees-led passing attack at home against that defense? Easy money here.

Prediction: Loss

Week 16 – vs. Chargers

Don’t be surprised when the Chargers are pushing for a playoff spot down the stretch. A late-season matchup with the Jets will be a gift in their efforts to accomplish that goal.

Prediction: Loss

Week 17 – @ Patriots

The Jets having to travel to New England would create the opportunity for the biggest blowout of the year if it were scheduled for any other week. But at long last, New York finally catches a break. The Patriots sit all key players with yet another AFC East title locked up, allowing their division rival to avoid the winless season in thrilling fashion on New Year’s Eve.

Prediction: Win

Final Tally: 1-15

Going the entire year before eking out a win against a playoff team mailing in its regular-season finale would be both disappointing and exhausting for players, coaches, and fans alike. That said, would this not be the ideal scenario for a Jets club that shouldn’t have any illusions about its chances of competing in 2017?

Picking up that one victory, of course, allows the organization to avoid the ignominy of a winless season. Ownership would have had every reason to clean house after such a disaster, while the combination of the No. 1 overall pick, an abundance of cap space, and a clean slate to rebuild the roster could very well be attractive to top head coach and general manager candidates.

Be patient, Jets fans. It has to get worse before it can get better.

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