Richard Sherman has had enough of people criticizing the Seattle Seahawks‘ locker room without putting their name behind their words.

A report in late May highlighted the reportedly divisive state of the Seahawks, and Sherman was a central figure of the issues.

But Sherman blasted the use of anonymous sources in the article, calling them “cowardly” to Seahawks Wire’s Liz Mathews:

Because you can make things up and you can create a story, you can fabricate whatever you want, out of nowhere, and then we’re left to answer the questions. Like you just said, our local media is part of it because they are left to ask the questions. They’re the ones left holding the mic and asking the tough questions when this guy has never had to confront us or deal with us on a daily basis, even come in our locker room asking questions.

He asked a few questions to a few cowardly people. And I’ll be calling you cowards if you’re afraid to put your name on it. If you have a comment, if you’ve got something to say, you’ve got something to ask or something and you’re not willing to put your name on it, you’re kind of a coward. But maybe they’re not cowards and maybe these people never existed. Because who knows? You don’t even have to exist. You don’t have to prove anything in this world anymore.

And that’s what I mean when I say there are a lot of TMZ-like media going on because guys like this – nobody is going to ever question him if they come to find out, hey, he could have fabricated this whole story and, I mean, outside of him saying there was an interaction at practice, none of the rest of it was true. But heck, what did he have to lose? I think it’s really unfortunate that’s it’s come to that.

Sherman reportedly has issues with the perceived preferential treatment of the offense and quarterback Russell Wilson, in particular, but called it a “bunch of nonsense” after the story was published.

Other Seahawks were quick to defend their team, too.

Defensive end Michael Bennett called the report “trash” and “gossip.” And wide receiver Doug Baldwin said the Seahawks are unfazed by the alleged discord, adding later that Seattle’s unique locker room “makes us great.”

Sherman told Mathews he intends to use The Players’ Tribune, a site he has a financial stake in, to tell his side of the story when he’s ready.

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