The details are still creeping out, but New York Jets defensive end Leonard Williams needed to use his 6-foot-5 frame to restrain a man, who appears to be teammate Darron Lee, from harassing a woman at a New York City music festival Saturday night.

According to Twitter user @gunnerpunner, who recorded video of Williams and someone appearing to be Lee, the defensive end inserted himself into a situation with his teammate after Lee got aggressively physical with a female.

Williams and Lee were seen together on the defensive end’s Instagram earlier Saturday night. While it’s tough to identify Lee from the above video, his wardrobe and build look similar to what he was wearing earlier in the night.

The Twitter user who shot the video offered a lengthy description of the interaction detailing how Lee was harassing a female festival goer when Williams stepped in.

As I was leaving the festival tonight, I saw a man shouting at a woman, mid-argument. He then started to manhandle her and call her names.

Idk if they knew each other (doesn’t really matter). The guy was pretty big (6’1, 90ksh kg) and it took 3/4 guys to get him to go away.

Shoutout to NYC people. There wasn’t a shortage of people trying to help but the guy was big and aggressive. Anyway he went away…

Basically did a loop, then came back and grabbed the woman as soon as people had dispersed. Started dragging her away with him.

Again a few people got rid. She was obviously shaken and in tears. Aggressive guy went away again and security came and went.

Aggressive guy came back. Only this time he was confronted with the biggest person I’ve ever seen in my life – 6’5 and 300lbs (thanks Wiki)

Aggressive man was trying to get to the woman but the big dude was just in the way. So calm just like you’re not getting through.

Then aggressive guy started squaring up and threatening the big guy. Trying to start a fight. Big guy again just blocked him.

Aggressive guy then tries to push big guy out the way. Bad move stepping to an NFL defensive end tbh.

Big guy literally picks up the aggressive guy and carries him 10ft backwards like he’s a Costco shop. Just puts him down again.

Security then came and sorted everything. But so impressed at how the guy came to help the woman and dealt with it all so calmly.

The other guy was big and clearly on something. Had to have been if he thought he was getting through. Hope the woman’s ok.

Anyway some bystander was like “That’s Leonard Williams. He plays for the Jets” – Felt he deserves credit on here for the way he behaved.

The Jets released a statement via ESPN’s Rich Cimini that did not confirm if Lee was involved, but that the team is aware of the story and will investigate further.

“We are aware of the reports, we are taking them seriously and we are looking into the specifics of the situation,” the statement read. “We will have no further comment at this time.”

– With h/t to Busted Coverage

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