Since the report of a divide in the Seattle Seahawks locker room over Russell Wilson‘s game-losing interception in Super Bowl 49, several members of the roster have gone to efforts to refute and deny the rift.

However, Seahawks legendary quarterback and current broadcaster Warren Moon is a believer.

Moon said the emotional loss of Super Bowl 49 is a lingering source of conflict in Seattle.

“They are still having a hangover from two years ago, if you can believe it or not, about losing that Super Bowl in the last minute with the interception on the 1-yard line,” Moon said to Brian Webber and Kordell Stewart of “NFL No Huddle,” according to ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio. “And with a lot of guys, it just kind of rubbed them the wrong way and they just haven’t gotten over it. This team will not be able to move on and really do what they want to do which is win another Super Bowl unless they can somehow put that behind them.

“There are certain guys on the team that just haven’t been able to do that and until they are able to do that they are going to continue to keep having a very good football team but a team that is going to probably come up short of their goals because of not being able to let go of the past and letting those things become a hindrance to their success.”

Among the deniers of the report were Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman, though several players said it “nailed” the story.

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