The NFL draft is thrilling when teams are trading up and down the board and making surprising picks, but only in the early rounds, when prospects the general sports audience has heard of are in play.

The later rounds are incredibly dull, as they essentially boil down to one name being announced every few minutes.

So the NFL tries to spice things up by having the picks announced in novel ways. Sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes it’s stupid, and it’s always annoying to the true football-heads like Mike Mayock, who seems to abhor fun.

Here are the best, worst, and weirdest ways the NFL tried to capture your attention on Day 3 of this year’s draft.


Texans announce pick from outer space

It was neat to get a glimpse of the International Space Station, even if it was a pre-recorded segment and they had to cut down to earth for the pick to be read live.

Team Iceland strongmen lead Vikings chant

Is it cheesy for the Vikings to appropriate Iceland’s iconic “Viking thunder-clap” celebration? Yes, but we can’t help but find it fun – especially because one of the strongmen was the guy who plays The Mountain on “Game of Thrones.”


Raiders announce pick from Las Vegas

There was something distasteful about seeing a team that will spend at least the next two seasons in Oakland hype its pick from its future home instead. It was also boring, as the Raiders didn’t add any Vegas flair beyond standing in front of the iconic Las Vegas sign.

Jim Cramer, for some reason

The “Mad Money” guy is still a thing? We certainly didn’t need to hear him sing.


Colts monkey around with picks

The Colts, a team named after a horse, let an orangutan announce their fourth-round picks from the Indianapolis Zoo. It didn’t make any sense, but it was riveting television.

Ferragamo with ‘The Walking Dead’ creator

It was cool to see Rams legend Vince Ferragamo, but why the heck would the NFL partner up with “The Walking Dead,” its primary competition in the Sunday night television market?

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