Just like ripping off a band-aid, Matt Ryan felt the best way to deal with losing Super Bowl LI was to deal with the pain right away.

The Atlanta Falcons quarterback didn’t waste much time trying to re-imagine what went wrong in his loss to the New England Patriots, digging into the tape the very next day.

“I watched it the day after. I watched it two days after. And then I watched it three days after,” Ryan told 680 The Fan radio in Atlanta Monday, according to ESPN. “For me, it was one of those things, I think; you kind of want to be able to deal with it appropriately. Maybe that’s different for everybody.

“Some people bury it away. … For me it was, ‘Alright, let’s watch.'”

Ryan wasn’t the only one who felt the need to go back and watch as former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan admitted that he also had to go for a second look.

Some questioned Shanahan’s late-game play calling, but Ryan says that executing the plays is just as important as calling them.

“You play,” Ryan said. “As a player, you play. And your focus, I guess, is always on, ‘All right, what’s coming in? How do I do the best job with what’s coming in?’ That’s what (you’re) like in those types of situations.

“Now on the sideline, it’s a different story. That’s where you talk about stuff before going out. … That’s the time when you can kind of discuss those things. But when you’re on the field, whatever comes in, you’re trying to execute it as best you can.”

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