April Fools’ Day is Saturday, so NFL fans are advised to be on high alert for fake news.

Let’s take a look back at some of the most clever gags teams have pulled off over the year, as well as a few clunkers that missed the mark.


Colts unveil whiteout uniforms

In a prank some consider the best ever by a pro sports team, the Colts unveiled new uniforms featuring white numbers on white jerseys with white accents. In 2015, at the height of the “blackout” and “whiteout” trend in uniforms, they actually made some sense.

Until you saw them, at least.

The key detail here is that the team produced a slick video in which the uniforms were unveiled, convincing some fans that they were indeed real.

49ers launch Jim Harbaugh Collection

The 49ers may have fooled few fans with their apparent launch of the Jim Harbaugh Collection on April 1, 2013, but they still get credit for an amusing idea.

It was a supposed fashion line based around then-head coach Jim Harbaugh’s trademark khaki pants and black fleece shirt.

(Courtesy: 49ers)


Bruce Irvin’s phony DUI

Then a member of the Seattle Seahawks, pass-rusher Bruce Irvin made the ill-advised decision to issue an apology to his fans for getting a DUI on April Fools’ Day 2015.

Except he didn’t get a DUI. It was a joke.

It’s a safe bet Irvin got a stern lecture from his team, and perhaps also the NFL, about making light of a very serious issue.

Chiefs draft Leon Sandcastle

Remember Leon Sandcastle?

Of course you don’t, because he (Deion Sanders in an obvious wig and mustache) was a forgettable character that existed just because Sanders thinks he’s a competent comedic actor. Still, he was inexplicably forced down the throats of football fans for a good chunk of 2013.

Even the Kansas City Chiefs, who owned the top pick in that year’s draft, got in on things by announcing they would select Sandcastle first overall.

Greg Jennings’ self-own

As the first day of April approached in 2015, free-agent wideout Jennings teased an announcement of where he would sign:

Then, after midnight on April 1, Jennings posted a video of his daughters saying it was all a gag.

Jennings actually hadn’t signed anywhere, and never did anything of consequence in the NFL again.

So … the joke was on him?

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