The Cleveland Browns’ trade for quarterback Brock Osweiler likely landed the team a franchise quarterback.

It just won’t be Osweiler.

In almost unprecedented fashion, the Houston Texans shipped their starting passer out of town in a salary dump akin to trades we’ve seen in the NBA.

To convince the Browns (who are flush with salary cap room) to take on Osweiler’s salary, the Texans sweetened the deal by adding a 2018 second-round pick.

That pick will be added to a growing – and, quite frankly, absurd – list of picks in the next two drafts owned by the Browns:

2017 2018
Two 1st-round picks 1st-round pick
Two 2nd-round picks Three 2nd-round picks
3rd-round pick 3rd-round pick
4th-round pick Two 4th-round picks
Three 5th-round picks 5th-round pick
Two 6th-round picks Two 6th-round picks
7th-round pick

That should be more than enough ammo for the Browns to acquire a quarterback they believe they can build their franchise around.

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Will it be Jimmy Garoppolo, via trade with the New England Patriots? Bill Belichick is reportedly not interested in such a deal, but that opinion might change if the Browns dangle multiple first-round picks (and perhaps more) in front of him.

Or maybe the Browns will find their passer in this year’s draft. It’s not unrealistic to think Cleveland could select pass-rusher Myles Garrett with the first overall pick, as most analysts expect them to, and then trade back into the top five (or perhaps even all the way up to the No. 2 pick) to select their preferred quarterback prospect.

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If the Browns don’t like Deshaun Watson, Mitchell Trubisky, or any other quarterback in this draft, they can trade back and stockpile even more picks for next season. Then, they can make a blockbuster deal to trade up for the quarterback they most desire in next year’s class.

Osweiler probably won’t play a down for the Browns, but he may be remembered in Cleveland as the player who helped the Browns finally land the franchise quarterback they’ve been searching for.

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