The Baltimore Ravens broke the hearts of the Cleveland Browns on Monday night, blocking a potential last-minute game-winning field goal and returning it for a touchdown, sealing the 33-27 victory.

However, there were questions about the legality of the blocked field goal, with Browns’ fans questioning whether Ravens defensive back Anthony Levine lined up offside.

However, NFL spokesman Michael Signora has confirmed in an email to Around The NFL that the league believe the play was legal:

“The ball was spotted at the 33-and-a-half yard line for the kick. The center moves the ball up slightly to get in position for the snap. The black line you see, which television uses to denote the line of scrimmage, appears to be at the 33, not the 33-and-a-half. So when the ball is snapped, the defensive player is not at the 33-and-a-half yard-line and he appears to be in a legal position.”

There were also questions about whether Ravens safety Will Hill stepped out of bounds on the return, but Signora dismissed that too.

“Will Hill did not step out of bounds,” Singnora wrote. “If he had, the game would have been stopped for an instant replay review. The touchdown was confirmed and as a result, there was no need to stop the game.”

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